Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meeting Rachnmaddie

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday.. It´s been raining cats and dogs over here so between the house cleaning and ironing I decided I´d like to introduce you another member of Kat´s fabulous team.. It´s no other than Rachel aka rachnmaddie! Enjoy :)

What is your name/ username? 
Rachel, Rach, Rachie, Rachifer, Ray Ray. I am rachnmaddie at SO

What part of the world you live in? 
Pittsburgh, PA

Are you married or single, have children? 
Married for 11 years to Mike and we have two chicklettes: Maddie (6) and Lauren (3)

How long have you been digi scrapping? 
I started digi-scrapping right after my oldest was born. I never paper scrapped, but my sister did. She made my daughters first album, and I wanted to continue it, but I didn't have the space to house the supplies. I found digi and never looked back!

How did you start and did you ever paper scrap? 
See above :)

What program do you use to scrap? 
I use PS CS4

What is your style of scrapping if any? 
I am not sure I really have a style. I like trying different things, but I know I am not good at the fantasy/eclectic style at all. I love the artistic value of those layouts though!

What inspires you, is it a photo, a kit, an idea? 
Both. Sometimes I see a kit and know immediately what photo goes with it, or sometimes I see a photo and seek out a kit!

What is your favorite item that you always like to use – a certain type of paper, element, action. 
I love stitching for some reason, and those new embellished overlays with glitter, scribbles and so-on.

Out of all of Kat’s kits, which is your favorite and why? 
Oh, that's easy, Happy Days!

Which is your favorite layout using Kat’s kits?
 I have a few but here's one

They say a pet often looks like its owner, do you own a pet and does it look like anyone you know?
 I have no pet right now, because our little house is too teeny!

What’s your eating preference junk food , restaurants, eat in - tell us your favorite. 
Oh I wish I could lie and say I am not a carb-a-holic, but it's true. I love breads and pastas! My favorite though is a Chinese restaurant downtown in Pittsburgh!

Are you a movie buff, if so what movie(S) do ya like? 
I love horror flicks. My favorite would be Poltergeist or Silence of the Lambs.

Everyone loves a holiday so if you could travel anywhere, what would be your favorite holiday destination? 
I am dying to visit New Zealand! I would love to be adventurous there one day!

Do you have a funny or favorite quote or word you love or use all the time? 
I use the word 'yo' alot. Like 'what's going on, yo?' I also make up words and use them in common situations with other people. Like spinach-artichoke dip is called spiniticus and I will really walk into a restaurant and order it thinking the person knows what I am talking about.


  1. Great interview! I am glad I have found something new about you!

  2. Awesome interview! Nice to "meet" you Rachel!