Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Kristi8004

Today I´m going to introduce Kat´s newest CT member Kristi aka Kristi8004 a bit more.. So sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know her better :).

What is your name/ username?
My name is Kristi better know around digiland as Kristi8004

What part of the world you live in?
I live in the same country/state I was born and raised in! Michigan-USA!

Are you married or single, have children?
Married to my best friend and soul mate and together we have a blended family totaling 6 children. (3 girls & 3 boys)

How long have you been digi scrapping?
Started digi in February 2007 so that's 4 years time flies when you're having fun!

How did you start and did you ever paper scrap?
I was a paper scrapper since I was in junior or senior high. I go online to search for some online shops to buy paper supplies from when I found out about digi scrapping. I tried it, loved it and never looked back!

What program do you use to scrap?
I started out with PSP 9 - upgraded to PSP X2 and Now I use PSE 7 (came with my pen tablet that I never use,LOL) and now thinking of going to PSCS5!

What is your style of scrapping if any?
Hmm, I'd have to say it depends on if I'm using a template or not ;) I love to use lots of papers and layer those and I LOVE to cluster!!

What inspires you, is it a photo, a kit, an idea?
Sometimes I see a kit and just KNOW what photo I'm going to use and sometimes I see a photo and go searching for a kit that would be perfect. And Sometimes, I see a kit I just HAVE to have and in which case if I don't have a photo-I'll get out the 'ol camera and get one!

What is your favorite item that you always like to use – a certain type of paper, element, action
I'm a total Sucker for stitching!!! And I love plaid papers and flowers too.

Out of all of Kat’s kits, which is your favorite and why?
So far my favorite is Whimsy Spring because I LOVE LOVE the textures and the colors are gorgeous-I also fell in love with the adorable owls!

Which is your favorite layout using Kat’s kits?

They say a pet often looks like its owner, do you own a pet and does it look like anyone you know?
We just got a new puppy a 4 month old pure bred Pit bull named Atreyu but no he doesn't look like any of us, LOL.

What’s your eating preference junk food , restaurants, eat in - tell us your favorite
I like it all bwahahahahaaaa, seriously though my DH and I love to try new things together so we often get cookbooks and prepare/cook meals at home but when we do go out we love to go to Johnny Carino's-our favorite country Italian restaurant.

Are you a movie buff, if so what movie(S) do ya like?
I am a HUGE movie buff!! I LOVE musicals like Grease and Phantom of the Opera and I LOVE romantic comedies like America's Sweethearts and The Breakup.

Everyone loves a holiday so if you could travel anywhere, what would be your favorite holiday destination?
Oh my DH and I have never had a honeymoon and are planning on having ours when the kids are older and out of the house at Lake Tahoe in the USA and outside of the USA I'd LOVE to visit the Islands of Fiji someday...they just look gorgeous and relaxing!

Do you have a funny or favorite quote or word you love or use all the time?
I love quotes but don't have one I use everyday. But the word I use ALL the time is Right! like when someone says something that I totally agree with I'll say "Right" but it's kind of drawn out like "RrrrIIiiiiiGGgghhhhT"! I'm a goofy goober I know LOL.