Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meeting Kindle

Today, we are going to get to know better Lenka aka Kindle :).

What is your name/ username?
My name is Lenka, on the Internet I am using kindle.

What part of the world you live in?
I live in the Czech Republic

Are you married or single, have children?
I am married, my husband´s name is Martin and we have one son Matthew, who is three years old.

How long have you been digi scrapping?
About three years.

How did you start and did you ever paper scrap?
My friends showed me how to scrap. And no, I have never paper scarpped.

What program do you use to scrap?
I use GIMP 7.

What is your style of scrapping if any?
I like simplicity, color, small but significant elements. And most importantly must be clearly visible photo.

What inspires you, is it a photo, a kit, an idea?
Usually it´s the kit. According to it I choose photo.

What is your favorite item that you always like to use – a certain type of paper, element, action
I love buttons, ribbons ,flowers and labels.

Out of all of Kat’s kits, which is your favorite and why?
I love all of them but my most favoutite is the Fall Festival. There are beautiful elements - color and owls.

Which is your favorite layout using Kat’s kits?

They say a pet often looks like its owner, do you own a pet and does it look like anyone you know?
I don´t have any pet

What’s your eating preference junk food, restaurants, eat in - tell us your favourite 
We eat at home, we go to restaurant only when we are on a trip

Are you a movie buff, if so what movie(S) do ya like?
I like movies. I love detective and psychological films.

Everyone loves a holiday so if you could travel anywhere, what would be your favorite holiday destination?
I love Paris, and once I was there and it's a beautiful city. And Egypt, I like its history.

Do you have a funny or favorite quote or word you love or use all the time?
Success is getting what you want; Happiness is being happy with what you have


  1. Hey Lenka! I am glad that I could learn more about you through this interview. And I am happy to have met you in a digital world.

  2. Hi Lenka! Perfekt inerview!!Already we see some time in the digital world, and I once again learned something new through a conversation about you. Fantastic page.

  3. thank you :-) and I'm glad I met you girls, at least in the digital world